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Over the past century, and acceleratedly so during recent decades, visuality has become pervasive in all aspects of life due to the proliferation of media based communication devices which can be observed to have a strong basis in visuality. Thus the mission of the VACD program is to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of visuality and its applications to the domains of Visual Art and Visual Communication Design. However, our efforts go beyond a sole understanding / application of the visual fields themselves in that we also seek to bring about their integration with other creative output such as sound design, new media output and temporally based works implemented through the diversified building blocks of our curriculum.

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  • 07
    SU KASA Gallerys New Exhibition will be opened on 7th September...

    HERA / TUNCA Because We Are Here Where We Are Not

  • 10
    MA Thesis Defense : Eren Muhitin Sulamacı (VACD)

    We cordially invite you to Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Master of Arts Thesis Defense of Eren Muhitin Sulamacı (VACD)

  • 04
    MA Thesis Defense: Edanur Kuntman (VACD)

    A Study on Narration of Memories through Graphic Storytelling Methods: Tales from Çarşamba

  • 04
    MA Thesis Defense: Çağatay Tuna Özkan

    Stress/Strain by Çağatay Tuna Özkan

  • 17
    Memory / Narrative

    SU KASA Gallery is hosting an exhibition entitled

  • 17
    From Sketch to Painting 2016

    As a ritual of Sabanci University, Visual Arts and Visual Communication design students, taking VA 204 Language of Drawing II, VA 324 Advanced Drawing, VA 502G and VA 399, are exhibiting their works on FASS. In these two important courses given by Wieslaw Zaremba, students use both modern and traditional techniques. In both of these courses students aim is to create compositions inspired by their memories and dreams, so they create their compositions with their own drawing styles accordingly. During their processes of drawing, they observe real models, objects and textures.Since anatomical analysis of live models are severely important for their works, they also reflect the photographs of the models on their canvases.Also in VA 204 they observe their own photographs and draw their self portraits with the same methods. After sketching the first drafts of their works, students continue with water colour for outlining and later on they use ink,dry pastels and acrylic paint.Apart from the appreciated realistic styles, creative and experimental styles in drawing are also welcomed in these courses.So it can be said that there are no limitations for the students. In these courses, talent and experience are not compulsory.The only motto is to work hard and experiment.Even the students who have no paintingbackground at all can create masterpieces.It proves that, practice and working hard can compensate the lack of experience and talent.Also, since the timing is really important in these courses, students become more ambitious to be on time and with their hard work to achieve their goal they get experienced during the process of the works. VA 399 and VA 502G courses are taken by the students that have completed the previous sketching and painting courses and approved by Wieslaw Zaremba to continue their further studies in his supervision to take their talent to a higher level. Participants: VA 204:

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