The mission of the VACD program is to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of visuality and its applications to the domains of Visual Art and Visual Communication Design. However, our efforts go beyond a sole understanding / application of the visual fields themselves in that we also seek to bring about their integration with other creative output such as sound design, multimedia and temporally based works implemented through the diversified building blocks of our curriculum.



  • Exhibition: Art of Garden Care (Selim Birsel)

    Kimi santaçıların atölyesi bir masa ve küçük bir defterden ibaret olabiliyor. Selim Birsel işlerini hayatın pratiği içinde her koşulda şekillendirmeyi, dönüştürmeyi, kurgulamayı bilen ve seven bir sanatçı. Sesler, kokular, nesneler... ya da beklenmedik bir esinti, bir dalga ve dalgaya atılan bir taş! Yani her an tetikte olmak gerekiyor, çünkü onun işlerinde karşımıza çıkan, ister özne ister yüklem olsun, her bir şey ya maddesi ya da çağrıldığı adıyla bir kelime oyununa dönüşebiliyor aniden, ya da uzun bekleme, kıvam bulma süreçlerine açılabiliyor.

  • Condolences

    We are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and colleague Mehmet Yılmaz.

  • Graduate School of Social Sciences Program Applications for 2018-2019

    The following programs leading to MA and PhD degrees are accepting applications for 2018-2019 academic year Fall semester. Contact names for each program have been provided for academic inquiries only. For administrative or procedure related questions, please contact Student Resources Office.



  • 21
    Prevantoryum in Kasa Gallery

    Prevantoryum is an exhibition centered on the Validebag Corps as a historical, urban and ecological fate experience. This exhibition came out with the collective production method by Elif Çelebi and Çağrı Saray. exhibition will be held at Kasa Gallery from March 21st to 2rd May, 2018.

  • 09
    Exhibition Dedicated to Model Mehmet Yılmaz

    This exhibition is dedicated to Model Mehmet Yilmaz who worked for years at Sabanci University as the main Nude model for drawing courses.

  • 11
  • 14
    Exhibition at Fassart Gallery: Tuck Muntarbhorn: Stillness Speaks

    Artists enable audiences to envision and make sense of the world, providing a lens through which society and the self are perceived. In times of division and fragmentation, many artists have confronted socio-political issues head rst, illuminating truths and raising questions. Such work is broadcast loudly to powerful e ect, serving as a force for change.

  • 10
    November 10th Ataturk Remembrance Day

    November 10th, 2017 Ataturk Remembrance Day (Due to the ceremony, there will be no classes between 8:40 and 10:30)

  • 08
    TRUMBAUER Family Collection in KASA Gallery

    Opening on November 8, a selection from the Trumbauer Family Collection will be on exhibit at Kasa Galeri for the first time in Istanbul in a partnership between Özgür Demirci and Suat Öğüt. The collection represents the extensive history of the Trumbauer family, and will be available for viewing by prior appointment from Wednesday to Saturday between 1 pm and 3 pm until December 23, 2017. A member of the familys private security detail will accompany visitors during their visit.


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