Murat Germen

MURAT GERMEN is an artist using photography as tool of expression. He holds an MArch from M.I.T. and received the AIA Henry Adams Gold Medal. His articles and photo series are published in various journals, magazines and books, presented in conferences such as SIGGRAPH, ISEA, Mutamorphosis, TSC, CAe, CAC2, EVA-London, eCAADe, ASCAAD. Murat Germen participated at nearly fifty inter/national solo/group exhibitions and his work is displayed at venues such as C.A.M. Gallery (Turkey), ARTITLED! Contemporary Art (Netherlands-Belgium), Rosier Gallery (USA). About fifty editions of his artworks are in personal/institutional collections inter/nationally, and some are sold at Sotheby’s, Christie’s auctions.(

Murat Germen’s areas of creative interest are art, photography, computational art, digital art, art & technology, interfaces, visual culture and theory, visual representation, architecture, urban planning, blogging, creative writing, and concept development.

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