Although the concept of ‘play’ finds much discussion and grounds for implementation in the virtual realm, particularly in three dimensional gaming worlds and the metaverse, the instructors interested in this topic all wish to take this notion further, into the very creative act itself – regardless of whether this comes about virtually or in the physical, analog world. Therefore artworks and projects which are based upon the pendulum of unselfconscious ‘play states’ on the one hand and the self-observation of such states on the other hand – culminating in playful installations, scenarios, devices and other diverse sorts of hybrid output, through which the process of the creatively playful act itself is manifested, fall under the bailiwick of this topic.

Should you wish to concentrate on this topic for the conceptual backbone of your artwork the faculty members who are also interested in this subject as a part of their own creative practices are Erdağ Aksel, Elif Ayiter and Selim Birsel.

Should you wish to examine the juxtaposition of ‘play’ and creative activity (or indeed ‘ludology’ as an intrinsic component of gaming and 3D virtual worlds), as the subject matter of a written theoretical thesis, the faculty member interested in this topic as part of her theoretical research is Elif Ayiter

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