Human & Technology Relations

Human-technology relations are currently experiencing a period of profound change. The root causes of this change belong to the moment when humankind fitted to start walking upright that allows hands to use apparatuses as latent extensions of the human body. In a technologically saturated society, human-technology relation plays an essential role in establishing rules of a contemporary life with its demystified dimensions. Current advances in widespread use of technology increasingly made the subject a central feature of society and culture. However, if mentioned relations are to be analyzed only from a perspective of how humans use technology, there remains a lack of understanding of the other side of our symmetrical relation - that is technology to human relations. Besides the reciprocal relationship between humans and technology that has always been inherent to our understanding and the overcoming of our limitations of the external world, ethical and social impacts of human-technology (technology-human) relationships need to be investigated with further questions concerning technology. The following keywords are informative: Assistive Technologies, Physical Interaction btw Humans and Technology, Technology for Art and Design Practice.

Should you wish to concentrate on this topic for the conceptual backbone of your artwork, design project or thesis the faculty member who is also interested in this subject as a part of his own creative practice is Selçuk Artut

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