Individuation/Social Representations of Identity

We are at a stage of world history where representation is replacing the represented, in other words the “real” thing. Present-day “realities” cannot immediately be paired with truth, genuineness, honesty anymore. The supposedly liberal yet latently hegemonic system continuously takes advantage of constructed / idealized representations of lavish life styles in order maximize consumption, ruthless competition, ambitious desires. An individual who strives to stay independent and truly free, has to remain very cautious, agnostic about components like images, symbols, signs, signifiers that are used in such representations. This is possible only through the comprehensive and ever-dynamic studies on these components. Substantial research on representation in cognitive, semantic and cultural (local / global) dimensions will help artists / designers / individuals in general to be more aware of systemic abuses and ready to find alternatives for bypassing these.

Should you wish to concentrate on this topic for the conceptual backbone of your artwork, design project or thesis the faculty member who is also interested in this subject as a part of his own creative practice is Murat Germen

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