Collaborative or Shared Creativity/'Produsage'

This topic examines socially networked, collaborative activity within online creative sharing domains such as the blogosphere, Flickr, DeviantArt, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Facebook, as well as online 3D virtual worlds, MMORPGs and the like.

Quoting Axel Bruns who recently coined the term ‘produsage’ we can define a framework for this subject as follows: “In collaborative communities the creation of shared content takes place in a networked, participatory environment which breaks down the boundaries between ‘producers’ and ‘consumers’ and instead enables all participants to be the users as well as the producers of information and knowledge - frequently in a hybrid role of ‘produser’ where usage is necessarily also productive. Produsers engage not in a traditional form of content production, but are instead involved in produsage - the collaborative and continuous building and extending of existing content in pursuit of further improvement. Participants in such activities are not producers in a conventional, industrial sense, as that term implies a distinction between producers and consumers which no longer exists; the artifacts of their work are not products existing as discrete, complete packages; and their activities are not a form of production because they proceed based on a set of preconditions and principles that are markedly at odds with the conventional industrial model.”

Should you wish to concentrate on this topic for the conceptual backbone of your artwork, design project or thesis the faculty member who is also interested in this subject as a part of her own creative practice and theoretical research is Elif Ayiter

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