Main Track: Visual Arts

The graduate degree in Visual Arts at Sabanci University is a custom-fitted program exclusive to the specific candidate’s artistic direction. The program aims to bypass the borders between design and fine arts, traditional and new media, artists and scholars. The 500 level studio courses taken from a faculty of practicing artists make up the core of the Visual Arts studio program. Students are expected to independently develop their own body of artistic works. (paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, installations, performances, digital or web based art, documented interventions, artist’s books or photographs, etc.)   

Working in their individual studios for the duration of the program students regularly meet with their main advisors to discuss their projects, ensuring an essential and informed connection between the research and studio components of their work Whatever media and genre students select to work in, the program is designed to enrich students’ praxis, encourage change, and present resources for contextualizing work in the wider art world. Through the interdisciplinary structure of Sabanci University the program intends to generate a space for students of diverse backgrounds to interact with each other as well as with a wide range of artists, social scientists, theoreticians, media practitioners and visionaries.

The graduates of Visual Arts program are expected to become independent artists. Thus, along with collective and individualized studio critiques; issues of professional practice and presentation methods are researched and reviewed in the final semester of the program. Consequently, the art creative practice can be considered as a “Gesamtkunstwerk” (total work of art), and students are incited to forge visual vocabularies which are based upon this idea of the all-embracing art form.  

The following instructors can instruct and advise you in the creative work which you wish to conduct in this field: Lanfranco Aceti, Erdağ Aksel, Selçuk Artut, Elif Ayiter, Selim Birsel, Murat Germen, Wieslaw Zaremba and Yoong Wah Alex Wong. Please refer to their individual CVs and websites to decide which of them may be closest to your own interests and work medium. 

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