Wood Works Studio


The Metal and Wood Studios provide support for Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students in the development of their studio practice.  The facilities:  200 square meters located on the ground floor of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences building, serves as support for 3rd year, 4th year and graduate level students.  A fulltime technical advisor and safety officer assisted by graduate teaching assistants, provide support for students and faculty Monday through Friday. Limited evening hours are available, supervised by a Teaching Assistant. Greater access is available to qualified graduate students.

Specific to Wood Studio:

 This is a general all-purpose wood facility also used at this time as a studio for mold making and polyester work.

 Large floor mounted equipment•   Industrial table saw,  industrial plainer, industrial band saw, band saw, horizontal band saw.  Sanders- belt and disc sanders. Industrial chop saw and drill press.

 Hand held or portable tools•    A well maintained general assortment of sanders, cutting tools, heat guns, cordless drills, chop saw, glue guns, and wrench and driver sets.

 Clean Air Filtration systems•    Industrial grade portable charcoal filtration system as well as a built in dust collection system for industrial equipment.

 Safety Gear•    protective eye wear and face shields, ear protection, dust masks and disposable hand protective clothing.

 Clamps & vices•    Large all-purpose assortment .

 Work surfaces•    work tables space is limited, students must be able to move in-progress to their studios.

 Other•    Stocked materials store room for student use.



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