Metal Works Studio

The Metal and Wood Studios provide support for Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students in the development of their studio practice.  The facilities:  200 square meters located on the ground floor of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences building, serves as support for 3rd year, 4th year and graduate level students.  A fulltime technical advisor and safety officer assisted by graduate teaching assistants, provide support for students and faculty Monday through Friday. Limited evening hours are available, supervised by a Teaching Assistant. Greater access is available to qualified graduate students.

Specific to Metal Studio

This is a general all purpose metal fabrication teaching facility.  The equipment is well maintained and upgraded on a yearly bases.

Welders: Gas- oxygen & acetylene. Electric- MIG, TIG, Shielded Arc.
Welding Cutters: Gas- oxygen & acetylene: Electric- Plasma Cutter.
Welding Safety Gear: Auto-darkening welding helmets, protective clothing.
Hand held or portable tools: A well maintained general assortment and number of grinders, sanders, cutting tools, heat guns, cordless drills, chop saw and wrench sets.
Clamps & vices: Large all-purpose assortment .
Work surfaces: Steel welding and fabrication tables.
Clean Air Filtration systems: Industrial grade portable charcoal filtration system.
Large floor mounted equipment: Benders- 2m power roller, pipe bender, angle bender.  Sanders- belt and disc sanders. industrial Chop saw, drill press


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