Master Thesis Defense: Begüm Yamanlar


Scape As (Re)Presentation of Subjective Vision"

Begüm Yamanlar
VACD, M.Sc. Thesis, 2015

Thesis Jury
Murat Germen(Thesis Advisor), Selim Birsel, Ahu Antmen, Tolga Hepdinçler(Substitute Jury)


Date &Time: June,30th, 2015 – .11:00

Place: Fass Art Gallery


The complementary text aims to offer a textual basis for four photographic and videographic works that i produced in the last two years. In the core of the works there lie the concepts of vision, subjectivity, multi-perspectivity and time within scape depictions.

The main objective of this text is to question the ways in which the indexical content is utilized to (re)present the flow and accumulation of subjective experiences based on vision through the combination of photographic still and moving images.

The dissertation especially meditates on the use of linear perspective in scape depictions and configured relationship between representative forms, reality and the position of the eye and observer beginning from pre-Renaissance to the present.

Furthermore, the dissertation aims to free photography from its documentarian burden and contextualize it as to be a tool for construction of a subjective reality.

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