Master Thesis Defense: Miray Kaymakçıoğlu


An Analysis Of The Entrepreneurship In Turkey:

Conflicts Between Entrepreneurs And Enterprisers


Miray Kaymakçıoğlu
Conflict Analysis and Resolution, M.Sc. Thesis, 2015

Thesis Jury
Emre Hatipoğlu(tez danışmanı)  CONF,  Ahmet Öncü / SOM , Zeynep Erden Bayazıt (ITU) İşletme , Dilek Çetindamar (yedek)

Date &Time: May,11th, 2015 – 09:30

Place: 1101


The understanding of entrepreneurship in Turkey has transformed into a concept, which plays significant role in the development of business sectors, generates an impact over economic and social structures, influences the policy making process of governmental institutions and revealing decision making mechanisms in public and private sector in Turkey. A continuum has been initialized, which educates entrepreneurs in terms of risk taking, establishing their own businesses and claiming their ideas, discoveries or products, while at the same time activities of entrepreneurs, established ventures and projects that are desired to be implemented are supported with economic development. This study is prepared for analyzing the conflicts between actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkey. Besides analyzing conflicts with contributions of literature review in the area, the importance of Conflict Analysis and Resolution is established as the conflicts are experienced between parties who have incompatible interests and goals at the end. This paper aims to reveal the dynamics between entrepreneurs and enterprisers (angel investors, venture capital investors, owners of private equity firms and public and private sector actors), while highlighting main reasons of conflicts that influence the development of ecosystem in Turkey. The goal of the paper is to contribute entrepreneurship studies in academic level through conflicts between entrepreneurs and enterprisers as stating current developments and categorizing ongoing problems in the entrepreneurship in Turkey.

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