Drawing Theatre Teatr Rysowania

As an actress, I am working on to tell and to reflect myself. In this work, the expression is found an amplified meaning by only using body performance. Any emotion that I present is filtered by who observes and as illustrates on paper, at the end of the process, it transforms into another form and becomes a mutual product of multiple artists. As a conclusion, it becomes informative and exciting. With every new performance, I discover a brand new side of me. Cansu Gültekin

Figure Drawing course VA 323 which has been instructed by Wieslaw Zaremba at Sabanci University since 2003, aims to bring in an experience for students in interdisciplinary fields, in order to be able to draw for screenplay, stage design or  performance related arts in general. The basics of the course are drawings of the students that the performers  facial expression, dance movement, act or improvisation. During the course the students are observing and experiencing the relation between momentary movements&expressions with memory&action.

VA 323 as an art project has been performed  in Feta Festival 2003 and 2004, also in 2014 at Wroclaw, Poland and FASS Art Gallery, Istanbul earlier.
The upcoming event will be taking place at Gdansk, Poland in between the dates 4th-24th January 2018 with the participation of;  Hazal Köseoğlu, Elifsu Dağdeviren, Başak Ertekin, Naz Bektaş, Naz Kırelli and assistants  Ecem Güleç, Eser Epözdemir, Gunash Garibli.


Polish Artist Society ZPAP Gallery , Gdansk , Piwna Street  67 68, Poland

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