"Club Butterfly" by Elif Süsler at Gallery Apel

Elif Süsler
‘’Club Butterfly’’

Elif Süsler focuses on instabilities that result from differences between the individual’s personal experiences and the society which represents a whole. In her works, shifts between time, space and identities evoke a theatrical stage that can result in reflects a calm absurdity. In Süsler’s first solo exhibition titled Club Butterfly, the boundaries between personal and collective memories are blurred. The artist divides the gallery space into five distinct sections and installs characters that are presented in a mix of sculpture, drawing, photography and text. Those newly formed characters reflect a diversity of materials in conjunction with familiar objects. Party people, who have lost their identity in the midst of the visual mess of the media, selfie takers, who are left alone at their home, and daydreamers, who have hit the streets to find happiness, are joined by the viewers themselves, who altogether make up the characters of the exhibition Club Butterfly.

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