FASS faculty members and alumni at Contemporary Istanbul 2014

Contemporary Istanbul took place 13-16 November 2014 at Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) and Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC). The leading international art fair in Turkey brings both local and international focus to the dynamic art scene in Turkey's vibrant metropolis every November.


Among Faculty of Arts Social Sciences members Murat Germen and Selçuk Artut, VACD alumni also participated to this leading art event.


Murat Germen was in C.A.M Gallery stand, with 6 artworks (2 big, 4 small).






Selçuk Artut uses the random as an element in Analog Pixels through theinteraction between the shape of the object and data in his work. The four-pieced work of simple, abstract visuality, combined with theelement of sound traces the boundaries of the viewer’s perception.

Artut, was in Gallery Zilberman with his artworks.




VACD Alumni also participated Contemporary Istanbul 2014:


Aras Seddigh, was in Gallery Nev with her artwork "He always follows his nose."



Cemre Yeşil was in Daire Gallery with her photographs from her exhibition "this was".



Sinan Tuncay was in C.A.M Gallery with his artworks: Proper Exposure.




Erk / The Potency, 2014


Mixed Media Inkjet Print


80 x 56 cm








Bâkire / The Virgin, 2014

Mixed Media Inkjet Print

80 x 56 cm



Other participants were; Murat Durusoy in C.A.M Gallery, Aslı Narin  in Gallery Öktem & Aykut'ta, Hande Varsat  in Gallery Apel'de,  C. Mehmet Kösemen in Empire Project.


For more information about Contemporary, please visit: http://contemporaryistanbul.com/tr/hakkinda-2/bilgi.htm

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