New book of VACD MA Alumnus Didem Erk : I Feel I am Eating Memories

Our VACD MA program 2012 alumnus Didem Erk's Master thesis "I Feel I am Eating Memories" has just been published by Lap Lambert Academic Publishing. The book will be available in library catalogues and on in a month. We congratulate Didem and wish her success. 


I Feel I am Eating Memories

This study proposes a reading of Didem Erk's works that she produced in two years around the concepts of language, memory and meaning. How far do language and writing enable us to communicate or represent ourselves? Writing is remembering and one manipulates while recalling and recording. Didem Erk's research investigates the presence of a possible contingency and fictional quality of testimony inherent in established structures. Throughout the study, the role of boundary is examined in terms of language, body and their intertwined layers in the context of meaning. How the border between me and the other, the border between me and you, the border between inside and outside relate to the produced space of the body. How can a relationship with the past functions within the learned language? How is it possible to recall the past through writing and speaking? All the documents of recording imply a form of unraveling threat that is all related to the archive of memory.

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