Lumen Prize - Digital Art Award and Exhibition.

VACD Faculty member Yoong Wah Alex Wong's artwork "The Jokers Are Everywhere" at Lumen Prize - Digital Art Award and Exhibition:



The Lumen Prize Exhibition 50 works, which were created by artists from all over the world - from United States to Pakistan, Israel, Iran, Taipei, Turkey, The Canary Islands, Canada and China - representing 13 countries and 44 cities globally. The Lumen Prize Exhibition - comprising the Lumen Prize winners, the Exhibition 50 and the People's Choice winner, will start travelling the world in January 2013, appearing in top galleries and venues around the world.

Exhibiting location:

January 21-28: London, Gallery 27, Cork Street

February, 2013: Latvia, Robert's Books

March 2013: Hong Kong, Plum Blossoms Art Gallery

March 2013: Shanghai, FQ Projects

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