Hasan Salih Ay (VACD MA 2008) is Participating in WEYA Festival!

Our VACD MA Alumni Hasan Salih Ay (2008)  will participate World Event of Young Artist in Nottingham, England between 7-16 September 2012.  This global event will showcase a selection of the best international creative talent, across a spectrum of artforms, in one city, providing an opportunity for 1000 artists from 100 nations to join together and share their creativity on an international platform. The WEYA festival will be happening across Nottingham and will be hosted by the many Galleries, Theatres, Art Centers and Music Venues in the city. There are various conceptual titles and projects which will bring different artists and art forms through the festival for an international exchange of ideas.

Hasan Salih Ay,nominated by Sabanci University, has been selected by an international commitee of BJCEM, under the title; “Disorder”. The project is curated by Mr. Marco Trulli and Mr. Claudio Zecchi and has been developed by BJCEM with more than 50 members and partners of its network. The topic Disorder is meant in its positive meaning, as the potential of transformation and the creation of transition, as a reference to a crisis or a friction state that leads to a moment of changing and shifting from a phase to another.           

His installation “take your breath and than make your wish” can be visited in New Art Exchange museum in the city center, between 7-16 September 2012.

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