VA 402 Student Exhibition: 136 square meter, 8 persona

 The exhibition aims to introduce the works of eight Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design students from Sabanci University which will take place in FASS ART GALLERY from the 31st of May to 7th of June.

“136 square meter, 8 persona is a group exhibition formed with the works we have done through-out the year. 136 square meter studio, provided to us by Sabanci University, represents our process of; adapting to the space, learning to work side by side, discussing our observations and opinions, making mistakes and our numerous attempts to improve. We wanted to share this process in the context of an exhibition. We believe that this presentation, containing both similar and opposing attitudes, is just a segment of the whole process and also it is an indicator to the possibility of us getting together again in the future.”

In the exhibition; while Berke Doğanoğlu creates collages on plexiglass, out of the collages that he makes by painting parts and then putting the pieces together in digital media, Yasemin Öncü imprints the photographs she took on to aluminum surfaces following by reconstructing the placement of aluminum pieces, deforming the images while giving them a new dimension. Ege Okal also working with collage, photographs the urban nation and creates an installation by re-using waste objects. Damla Köksalan transforms the crates used in art shipment into artworks by integrating and making them parts of the other works exhibited. Begüm Özbaş creates an abstract form by tearing apart pieces of felt and putting them back together. Ege Okal also exhibits the video and relics of her pirate event ‘Hide and Seek’ which she performed with a group she had assembled in the 12th Istanbul Biennial, while Ceren Paydaş exhibits the relics of her authorized performance with woman mannequins in Dolapdere. Ceren also produces a series of photographs which combine the female body and nature, along with a video installation reflecting the concept of surveillance. İris Süloş installs a baby cradle and a mobile toy which she makes out of photographs reflecting the strict Turkish family structures and Cansu Yeşilbademli creates a video which reflects the oppression and fear an individual faces while trying to be a part of the social reel.


Opening: May 31, 2012, 18:00


Curator; Damla KÖKSALAN

Poster Design; Melis BALCI

Instructors; Can ALTAY, Selim BİRSEL

© 2018 Sabancı University