Interactive project for disabled youth from the VAVCD program

We witnessed a visual world created by the body movements of youngsters who suffer from Cerebral Palsy at Art Beat İstanbul at Lütfi Kırdar Convention & Exhibition Centre on September 14th-18th, 2011.

The project curated by Selçuk Artut who is an instructor at Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program and CDA-Project’s artist. It is organized in collaboration with The Spastic Children Foundation of Turkey – Creative Arts Therapy Center.

In this project, the young participants followed the movement of the camera data as a communication tool instead of widely used standard computer devices such as mouse, digital pencil, touchscreen to turn aesthetic criteria into form. Thus, they created an alternative way of a self expression.

Project Curator: Selçuk Artut
Project Co-ordination:  TSÇV Creative Arts Therapist Nilgün Türkcan
Project Development Assistant: Alp Tuğan
Participants: Benay YILMAZ, Kıvanç YENİAY, Ali SARKANOK, Anıl IŞIK

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