Wieslaw Zaremba was honored with the medal Bene Merito

On Oct 6, 2010, Radoslaw Sikorski presented six Poles with the prestigious Bene Merito medals for their services in the promotion of culture and strengthening of Poland 's position in the international arena.

"I am glad that here in Ankara we have such people who disseminate knowledge about Poland and friendly attitude for Poland in such an important country as Turkey," the minister said during a ceremony in Poland 's embassy.

Honored with the medal were Maria Nowotna, a pianist working at Bilkent University in Ankara; professor Marek Brzozowski, a lecturer at the graphic arts department of the same university; musician Anatol Jagoda, professor at Selcuk University in Konya; Mariusz Sladczyk, working at graphic arts department of Bilkent University; Janusz Szprot, pianist, composer, director of jazz department at Bilkent University; Wieslaw Zaremba, professor at painting department of Sabanci University in Istanbul.

Source: PAP news agency, Warsaw , in English 1447 gmt 7 Oct 10


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