Student Exhibition in Singapore – Call for Applications


In relation with the collaboration efforts between Sabancı University/FASS/VACD Program andLasalle College of the Arts,Singapore, FASS offers a student research/exhibit grant to a student for participation to the 4th Annual International Workshop forArt Academies and Institute – Tropical Lab, Singapore. The grant will be awarded on a merit basis and is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The successful applicant should be open to teamwork and have strong design skills and art practice. Applications for this grant must include a motivation letter (Microsoft doc format) and portfolio (pdf format). The motivation letter should clearly express your cultural exchange interest, and your theoretical and practical approach to the theme “Urban Mythologies”. Please also include your current GPA and valid student ID number.

Closing date: 15 June 2010.

Selected candidate will be informed on 5 July 2010.

Please send your application to:



Further Information:

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of TROPICAL LAB are to expand the views of the participants, to exchange experiences and to stimulate creative thinking through a collaborative approach. To offers an environment for regional and international students to carry out research and advance their art practice in a short period.


The theme for Tropical Lab 4 is Urban Mythologies. Urban Mythologies aims to provide a platform to explore, complicate and unravel the ways Singapore has been imaged and imagined in relation to its rich repertoire of myths, legends and cultural histories. This theme also facilitates observations of the collision between the physical metropolis and the underlying beliefs.


To create a positive environment that will stimulate and cultivate minds, emotional (intuitive) consciousness and cultural sensibilities of participating emerging generation of young artists and students.


TROPICAL LAB 4 will happen from 20 September to 30 September 2010. The participants are required to be around during this ten-day period.


A series of creative workshops and other activities (presentations, seminar, dialogues, trips) will be conducted by staff members and contemporary artists, Singapore FreePort Award recipients: Shi Qing (China), Shinji Ohmaki and Aiko Miyanaga (Japan) in LASALLE College of the Arts campus and studios, workshop venues as well as the auditoriums, with assistance from our technical officers and students.


The exhibition following the workshop and seminars will be held at the lateral spaces flanking the college frontage. PRAXIS SPACE and PROJECT SPACE are two unique but challenging spaces, that consist of long and narrow galleries, which full glass facades contribute to the dialogue and contrasts between the spaces. The exhibition will open on Wednesday 29 Sep 2010, and will stay until 13 October 2010.


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