Now and Then, Here and There .

"Now and Then, Here and There" exhibition invites you to look at 
artworks from three different artists (Alex Wong, Lanfranco Aceti and 
Wieslaw Zaremba) with diversified backgrounds, different experiences, 
identities and nationalities.  The artworks depict the contemporary 
and multi-faceted types of art form and narratives that touch the 
agenda of humanity. The exhibited artworks also define individuality 
and originality that reflects the artist and their practices, at the 
same time co-exist under the same roof where different approaches and 
mediums for producing an artwork is explored.

The "Now and Then, Here and There" exhibition also represents the idea 
of extending collaborations and creating networks between Sabanci 
University (Turkey) and L ASALLE College of Art and Design (Singapore).


(event warmly hosted by LASALLE college of the Arts and Dean of Fine Arts, Prof Milenko Pravcki, faculty members and students.)

works by Alex Wong

works by Lanfranco Aceti

works by Wieslaw Zaremba

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