17th Int Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2011) will be held in Istanbul

ISEA International is pleased to announce that the 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2011) will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Following a competitive bid process, ISEA2011 had been awarded to the proposal from Sabanci University led by Dr. Lanfranco Aceti, Associate Professor in Contemporary Art & Digital Culture and supported by Prof. Mehmet Bac, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The selection of Istanbul was made by the The ISEA International Foundation Board, the governing body of the international ISEA network.

The Board was impressed by the proposal, which focuses on Istanbul as a gateway between Europe and Asia, representing a cultural and creative meeting point for current debates in the fields of art, science and technology.

Following Istanbul as European Capital of Culture in 2010, ISEA2011 will be held in September 2011, to co-incide with the prestigious Istanbul Biennale. The proposal from Sabanci University aims to bring the academic community of Istanbul together and embrace the vibrant visual art scene which is flourishing in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of contemporary Istanbul.

With an academic conference, accompanied by a programme of exhibitions, performances and workshops, ISEA2011 will be an international gathering of leading and emerging thinkers and practitioners working at the interface of art and technology.

It continues the established and dynamic series of ISEA events, established in 1988 in the Netherlands. ISEA has been held across the world including symposia in Japan, Australia, USA and Europe. ISEA2009 was held in Belfast, Ireland with ISEA2010 being staged in the RUHR region of Germany.

For further details please contact ISEA Director Sue Gollifer at ISEA Headquarters, University of Brighton, UK <s.c.gollifer@bton.ac.uk>.




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