"Empty Eyes", Reality in Contrast - Exhibit

An exhibiton of nineteen Asian photographers from China, United States, Malaysia and Singapore. The exhibited works ranging from classical to contemporary photography. The purpose is not to distinguish which photographs is better, more popular or outstanding in style and technique. But to share and search for a common ground of understanding and the cohesive existence of each other, regardless the status from professional to amatuer photographers.
All faculties member and student are welcome to cocktail.
16/10/06 - Monday - 17:00
**Open to public.
A- "Crying For Peace" by Fin Teo, Singapore
B- "Life is Out Here" by Pang Piow Kan, Malaysia
C- "Homeless" by Danny Lee Mun Keat, Malaysia
D- "Stranger" by Yuen Jie, China
Exhibition date: 16/10/06 to 15/11/06.
Exhibit setup/assistant: Nihan Aydin, Elif G.Yalciner, Basak Sena Engin and Sena Arcak. 
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