Exhibition in FASS Gallery: past perfect tense

Exhibition in FASS Gallery: "past perfect tense"

The exhibition entitled "past perfect tense" involving the works of VA 402 students is opening on 9th of May, 2006, at 18:30 in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Gallery. The exhibition can be visited until the 25th of May, 2006. Participating students are Salih Ay, Berke Soyuer, Elif Süsler.

...by making fragmentation, manipulation and deformation of the objects and surfaces, the intention of my works is to intervane in each action of our recreation process that is the core identity of humankind.
from the perspective of contemporary reflexitons, the idea is evolving around Van Gogh’s   -one of the great masters of the art history- painting “Night Cafe” and the woks are emerging in the studio which is modified to a lab.
Salih Ay

To get through the letters is to get through the gauze... To reach Şahmaran's story is as difficult as making a tunnel of gauze. The zone you reach at the end of the tunnel, contains the same unknowns of an end of the tale. There are ones who alters by the end of the tunnel, and ones never been touched by it. This is about the first step into the tunnel. If you seek for a puzzle of logic made by clothes and staplers or a fairy tale, defines if you can read or reach to the letters of glass. Not everybody who steps into the tunnel can pass; not everyone who gets through the tunnel can see the letters of glass. To follow a tale is the hardest struggle on the world. Take care of yourself.. or dare pass the tunnel...,and decide what to seek after your first step.
Berke Soyuer

The Great Fish says;
"...i fragmented by my nature..."

There appeared a nature "painting" which is unnatural. This is actualized by the control of itself-the nature; a girl moves, spins around with her buckets surrounded by the motionless grass, the goldfish which cannot escape from the eyes, and the child who cannot move away from the buckets that I cultivated. 
Elif Süsler

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