FASS/VAVCD MA student Gökhan Okur's recent international success

Sabanci University, Visual Communication Design Program grad student Gokhan Okur’s short animation film ‘Last Train Ride’ is going to be screened in the coming 25th International Istanbul Film Festival ( 1-16 April ) under the Hisar Short Film Selection. ‘Last Train Ride’ was also presented at the following festival in past months:

18th Istanbul Short Film Festival, March 2006

5th !F Istanbul Independent Film Festival, February 2006

Hisar Short Film Festival, 2006

Gokhan Okur’s work called ‘Yemiy cem Anne!’ (I am not gonna eat it mom!)  was featured in ‘Who is Nest Fashion Show’ in Paris between February 2-16 dates. Exhibition was the result of a competition. His work has also won 6th prize of the competition.


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Gokhan Okur’s illustration, called ‘Pullover,’ was featured in Italian based booklet Project; ‘Compendium – Designers Style Book.’



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