FASS/VAVCD lecture series: Lecture by Patrick Keller, EPFL Switzerland

Lecturer: Patrick Keller

Topic: Dimensional crossovers

Date / Time / Place: 5 May / 6 PM / FASS 1015


Through its experimental practice, fabric | ch has developed several projects where the traditional dimensions of design disciplines (2d, 3d, time …) have been questioned. For several reasons, we can wonder today if space still belongs only to architects, or books only to visual designers and so on with other disciplines and artifacts.
In our contemporary times where everything can be encoded and processed (space, signs, genome, images, texts, climate …) and where "massive changes" are facing us, there is an urgent need for designers to be present. They need to rethink the borders between disciplines and investigate new type of collaborations and crossovers between them, as well as with other scientific disciplines.

Patrick Keller is an architect. In 1997, he founded fabric | ch with Christophe Guignard (architect), Dr. Christian Babski (computer scientist) and Stéphane Carion (telecommunication scientist). Before, he studied architecture and worked as an architect for Daniel Libeskind's architecture studio in the early nineties. Then he got a post-graduate degree in computer graphics at the Swiss federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne.
Between 2000 and 2004, Patrick Keller was in charge of the Media & Interaction Design unit at the University of Art & Design in Lausanne, Switzerland (ECAL). Since 2000, he has taught Visual Communication as professor in the same school. He is also in charge of setting up a new studies program that will link the University of Art & Design Lausanne (ECAL) with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

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